Practice Changelog

Product updates and improvements to Practice across both of our web & mobile products. Changes are published on a weekly basis.

May 20, 2022

Practice Updates: May 20, 2022

  • Coaches can now export invoices on Practice 🎉.  From your Payments dashboard hit the download button generate a .csv and download all invoices from Practice
  • For all main pages on Practice (think appointments, clients, payments, etc...) we've added more consistency to the formatting of headers and layout of the navigation so it's easier to move around your dashboard
  • When sending emails inside of Practice, coaches can now style and customize the email with rich text formatting
  • We've improved the file sharing experience on Practice. When emailing a client a link to a file in your library, instead of showing the actual URL, we're going to generate a clean looking hyperlink to the file in the body of your email
  • Sessions inside of a package are now organized chronologically
  • Fixed a bug where coaches could not create a new to-do on mobile web
  • Improved the header in Smart Actions to make the title of your smart action primary
  • Fixed a bug where coaches couldn't edit a draft of an email on Practice
  • Improved the sync between the client portal and client record when clients upload profile pictures
May 16, 2022

Improvements to File Sharing

Sharing files directly from Practice is now much better 😍

When you share a file, Practice will generate a clean hyperlink using the file's name. Of course, the file will be the same, but the recipient's experience will be cleaner and more descriptive.

May 14, 2022

Introducing Custom Form Fields

For use with text fields, coaches creating & managing forms can now connect a form field to a custom field! This is an easy new way to keep up-to-date client records and efficiently store data from intake forms in each client profile.

May 13, 2022

Practice Updates: May 13, 2022

  • We've updated the UI for buffer labels and added two distinct columns to configure your buffers in the availability previews
  • The iOS app now supports push notifications for Rescheduled, Cancelled and Updated appointments
  • When a package is assigned to an existing client, email notifications are no longer sent to that client
  • We've fixed a bug that caused the "edit" modal on public profiles to elongate
  • The "I have a promo code" checkbox will no longer display if you do not have an active promo code
  • Notes, Schedulers, Forms, Files & Invoices that are shared now have updated copy as meta info removing the association to Practice
May 5, 2022

iOS Release 1.31.1

This is a smaller release for the coaches out there.

We added the possibility to set a timezone for a client so that appointment reminders show their local time.

You now manually assign a package to a client. Package prices are now displayed correctly as well.

  • Assign a package on iOS
  • Fixed a bug where the price of packages was being displayed incorrectly
  • Fixed a bug where a coach could not navigate out of the contact details view
  • Allow coaches to set the timezone for their clients
May 5, 2022

Availability Preview

Today we're excited to address one of the most common questions we receive from coaches: what's my availability?

With the new Availability Preview, you can easily check the availability within a scheduler and the available appointments that can be booked.

We'll show a preview of both your calendar and available blocks of time so you get a full understanding of how this scheduler fits into your flow.

May 2, 2022


We're thrilled to announce Packages on Practice! Our team has been hard at work on this feature and we're excited to share it today.

About Packages

  • 📦 Automatically track sessions against a customized package
  • 🗓 Allow clients to book sessions directly toward a package
  • ✅ Understand progress towards completed packages
April 29, 2022

Custom Fields

Keep any important information about your client top of mind. Their partner's name, their dog's name, their DiSC profile… anything that you need to remember, you can now add to your client's record.

April 28, 2022


Hosting a webinar? Office Hours? A workshop? We've got you covered.Create a simple registration page, track who's coming, and control the number of attendees.